Traveling Do’s & Dont’s in 2021


Why do we travel? How does it help us?

I am not sure about what your view point is when it comes to travel but I travel for the following reasons;

1. It helps me learn about the new place, the people of that place, their food, their culture and other things.

2. It keeps me updated with regards to diversified culture and customs that exists in this world.

3. It also helps us to make new friends and acquaintances.

4. It helps to relieve us from stress related to work and other aspects.

5. Travel rejuvenate one’s body, mind and soul.

The above mentioned are the most important aspects as to why I travel. Destination isn’t important but what is important is the takeaway you get it from that place. I also make it a habit to share the best things about the place once I am back from the travel. It helps like minded people and fellow travellers to plan their travel in the n near future. 

Now let us see as to what are the Do’s and Dont’s one should follow before planning to travel.


1. Plan your travel well in advance.

2. Draw up an itinerary with regards to the place you have intended to travel so that you will not mess it up once you are there.

3. Make a note of the important contact details of the place you are visiting as and also keep your family members informed about your travel. This will come handy when there is an emergency.

4. Pack your things properly. Do not miss out of any. If it is related to trekking on high altitude, ensure you have your thermals, thinner tablets, Sun glasses, gloves, denims, trekking shoes and gear. 

5. Do the research thoroughly before you are visiting a place or a new country so that you will not do something which is forbidden in that place and end up paying hefty fines or penalty.

6. Keep the required currency in required denominations and also keep your plastic cards handy.

7. Ensure that your travel is insured which includes baggage insurance, medical insurance as these would be critical especially when you are travelling abroad.

8. Do not post updated about your travel with enthusiasm especially when you stay in a remote area as this e hours give information to the culprits who may be having an eye on you back in your home town and they may strike it conveniently.

9. Stop the subscription of milk, newspaper and other essentials when you’re out as these would give information to any passerby when they see newspapers lying around your home unattended.

10. Inform your nearest police station so that they will keep an eye on your house during their regular patrolling.

11. Do reach the airport on time.

12. Do web check-in always.

13. Carry your mask, sanitisers, RT-PCR test results (not later than 48 hours) and your vaccination certificates.

14. Keep your id proofs ready and safe.


Some of them have already found a place in Do’s and here are few more.

1. Do not engage in any activity with the strangers in the unknown location.

2. Do not accept any packs given to you in the airport by a stranger.

3. Do not carry explosives or any sharp items on your hand baggage.

4. Do not hand over your passport to anyone.

5. Do not try to take things for granted. Ensure that you follow the procedures of the destination you’re traveling to.

6. Do not accept food items or any drinks from a stranger even if he or she seems to be nice 

7. If there is a trouble, do not try to sort things out yourself. Report to the travel agent or concerned authorities.

8. Do not travel without your vaccination certificates and RT-PCR test results.

9. If you’re travelling all by yourself, more care should be exercised. Check the refund policy before booking an accommodation.

10. Do not travel without getting necessary information about the place you’re planning to travel.

I have always considered my nation as the best place to live and work. Apart from that, I have always had these two countries where I would migrate, if given a chance.

1. Singapore and 

2. Canada

These two are in my list for various reasons like the Work culture, Happiness Index, Standard of Living etc to name a few. When the right time comes, I would surely go to any of these place to settle and if it is the latter, I would surely purchase a home for myself through Ottawa homes for sale


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