Book Review - Kavi Kurripedu


Title - Kavi Kurripedu
Poet - Selvaa Arumugam
Genre - Poems
Publisher - Chandrakala Publications
Offset - Royal Graphics
Price - Rs.100/-

This is a collection of Tamil poems by poet Selvaa Arumugam. Selvaa is known for his quirky lines and witty poems which make the readers retrospect. The poems brings out the emotions of a commoner and I am sure, we all would have also got to thought about various aspects in similar lines. I will update the Online Availability link, once it is made available on eCommerce sites. In the meanwhile, if you want to purchase this book, you can reach out to me by phone/WA or via email. 

I have given a few of the poems which I liked instantly.

Colour of White - Anyone can describe as per their knowledge/understanding but it would get its true meaning only when a blind person can describe it. How true are these words....

Sunday - Most of us feel the weekend is not enough, especially Sunday which gets over even before we realize it. Have you not had the same feel as the poet?

Trees - beautiful rendition of them

End of the month - As we await our salary, the moment it comes and disappears, we start to wait for the next month-end. How true these emotions are particularly for the middle-class people...

Natural(nature) Beauty & Artificial’s Metaverse - a poem that needs to be given a deep thought 

Marappachi Toys - our traditional toys which are long forgotten despite their medicinal effects

Calendar which remains idle when we go out of station

Worship Nature 

Easy-chair - the memory associated with it.

Absent-mindedness - Forgot to take the Peacock feather from the old book while it was sold in the old book shop. Have you not come across this situation?

Be kind to all(Uyir Anbu) - removing cobwebs. A sad but a true incident which happens day in and day out at all our homes

Disappearing God’s - Rain on wall paints which erases the portraits of Gods

Family Photo - Generation Gap which persisted then and even today

Summer - Lake becoming a Pond. Affects the fish living in it. 

Prasad - referring to cheap items becoming divine but not the corrupt human mind

Fish in temple pond - lives in hunger when the God Almighty Deity is supposed to take care of all

Shadow - that shows the true colors of a human (Dark)

Sacrifice - how hens/goat sacrifice their life for someone’s prayers/commitment 

News - Uprooting of 300-year-old tree but nothing about various bird nests that were destroyed along with it

Like I have mentioned, each and every poems makes you to think as it conveys the deep meaning of those aspects which are connected to the objects/emotions that were mentioned above making it a perfect one to read and to present it your family and friends and to all those who love reading poems.