Book Review - Kindling


Title - Kindling (Prequel to Rage of the Immortals)
Author - Kanika Singhal
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Notion Press

Kindling is the prequel to the book “Rage of The Immortals” by Kanika Singhal. Those who have read the sequel already would be surely glad about the release. When I started reading this book, I honestly felt that this book is India’s answer to “Thor” where The Gods (read it as siblings) fight with each other. The story has traces of it but the plot and the narration are completely different. Hence you need not have to be skeptical about reading this beautifully written novel.

I loved the cover, to start with. The novel also kind of rekindled my memories of watching the Amazon series “Supernatural”. What I am trying to emphasize here is, that if you are a lover of Supernatural stuff, you would surely love it.

Cifer and Atom are the protagonists of the novel who the story revolves around. Atom, the younger brother of Cifer was also the “King of Heaven”. Dave and Davie were the Parents.

Cifer was always protective of Atom being the younger sibling. He liked Ivprith, “Lady of the Wild”.

Then there are characters like Vishaad, the leader of the Queen’s guard, Asmi among others.

Ivprith gets startled by the sight of the figure emerging from the shadows. Who was it?

There are references like Shadow, Nightmare, Aurora as well.

The references to these mystical characters which are tied with present-day emotions/feelings make the novel more enjoyable.

The connection between Atom and Nightmare is the ultimate because though Nightmare is feared by all, Atom did not even bother as to what she is capable of. In fact, this helps him to realize his potential and helps him come out of the barrier to which he was bound.

Like in the movies, even in this story, God gets angry and banishes Cifer to the Underworld. Why did HE do that?

Ivprith intimidates Nightmare. How could she manage to do it?

I must say that this is a perfectly knitted mythical character that is not only engaging but also entertaining. Can be a perfect one for the book reading session in the café or elsewhere. Do give it a read and find out what caused enmity between the brothers and what this had led to in the end. Not the usual novel which you would read….

This book is available on Amazon from 30th June 2022 onwards and you can pre-order now


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