Book Review - Gods Of The Gods


Title - Gods Of The Gods
Author - Abhishek
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Indus Source Books
ISBN - 978-9385509667

Abhishek's "Gods Of The Gods" is an unputdownable book. Right from the beginning till the end, It has kept me engaged and captivated. I did an unusual thing for this book. For the first time ever, I wanted to know the end. When I finished reading half of the novel, I jumped to the end and started reading it reverse. This shows how intriguing this book can turn out to be.

The book ends with Kapittel 100. Set to happen in Asr-Gawa, Thor sends his kid Mathias in a pod. The very first chapter where there was a detailed introduction about Asr-Gawa and others shows how creative Abhishek is. It begins with the murder of Lifana.

There are too many characters with sci-fi names but do not worry. The author has given the consolidation of all the characters in the beginning of the novel.

There are few clans. The major ones are Valhallans and Jargantaans. They were at war with each other.

Migdur proposes a scheme to his boss Baldr. What was it? Why Baldr was skeptical of bringing Jargantaans? 

Odin - father of Baldr. There was a parallel universe. When things do not go well, a meeting was called for. Elders council did not approve of Baldr ruling Valhalla. They also want to find out about the banished ruler, Odin.
Why Asurian forces wouldn't go to Hel where Odin is believed to be? 
Odin sees it funny that the clans of Asr-Gawa which could manipulate civilizations of other dimensions could not tame the oceans of their home 
Was Odin, Oppenheimer and if not, Truman? By the way, who were they? 
If Odin is not aware as to what exactly is the thing that would save them when they go searching for it and was surrounded by drones sent to attack them, how did he and others escape?

Mathias amulet could alter matter and energy. Shows the kind of power he had.

Was Baldr shown his place?
Was the peace restored in Asr-Gawa?
Did the banished King reclaim his lost kingdom?

Read this gripping novel which gives you answers to all of these.

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