Book Review - Comprehensive General Knowledge : Ready Referencer 2022

Title - Comprehensive General Knowledge: Ready Referencer 2022
Author - B R Leelashree
Genre - General Knowledge/Current Affairs
Publisher - Goldwin Publications
ISBN - 978-93-5493-281-6

General Knowledge is evergreen. It is a pre-requisite by default for all the competitive exams which include but are not limited to:

2. RRB
3. SSC
5. RPF
7. KBC to name a few

This particular subject tests your acumen of grasping the happenings around you in real-time and also how well you are aware of the past. This is a really vast subject and covering them in full has not been achieved by any to date.

Having said that, I must admit that I am an ardent fan of books that is related to General Knowledge which we fondly call in short form "GK". I have bought many books in the past but when I saw this book "Comprehensive General Knowledge: Ready Referencer 2022" by B K Leelahree, I did not give it a second thought before grabbing one. 

There are various reasons why I bought this book. First and foremost, this book has a massive 25,000 GK Facts along with 6,000 General English and 410 GK/English Topics. This is a bulky compilation and one cannot read it in full, in a stretch which is not advisable too as it is really difficult to remember the content in one go.

This book is divided into 15 modules namely:

1. General Facts
2. India Related Facts
3. About Indian Defence Forces
4. Indian Railway Facts
5. General Science
6. Geographical Facts
7. History
8. Space Facts - India & World
9. Sports
10. Banking
11. Computer Awareness
12. General English
13. GK Questions & Answers
14. Mock Test Papers and
15. Supplementary General Science Facts

The first module is the lengthiest among all which runs over 210 pages. There are many facts which would take you by surprise. I am sure, this book would have taken a few months, if not years to compile all in one go. I would say this is a really good attempt by the author who has meticulously collected all the data and compiled and presented it to us in one place. 

If you have a kid at home or anyone who is interested in GK, this is a perfect gifting option. Priced at just Rs.860, I would say it is worth your time and money as you would get yourself equipped with vital information that would go a long way in helping you in your life, be it on the personal front or on your professional life.

This book is available online on Amazon , Sadhanamart, and offline at Sapna Book Stores near you. Grab your copy today!