Author Interview - Syeda Javeria Fatima of Whimscial Poetry : Fiction & Reality eBook


1. When did you start writing?
Well, I’ve been a reader all my life and I remember to have commenced writing ever since I was 9.
2. How do you get inspiration for the topic to begin with?
I’ve primarily dealt with topics that I want to raise awareness about and can confidently say that the inspiration comes to me naturally i.e in the most organic way one can think of! 
3. What else do you like to do besides writing?
I mainly read novels, invent recipes, and edit videos.
4. How many books have you written? Which are your favorites? 
I’ve written one book so far. It’s called “Whimsical Poetry.” But I have co-authored 11 anthologies. 
5. What do you think makes a good story?
I think a decent story constitutes an intriguing plot, well-composed characters, and an authentic connection between the writer and the story. 
6. What was your first dream to become, like back when you were a child? 
My thoughts are often variable and so, ever since I was a little, I dreamt of becoming everything. Be it a doctor, detective, police officer, or even an astronaut. 
7. Like a lot of people, do you also get stuck in writer’s block?
Not really. I think I need to write often to come across writer’s block. 
8. How long does it usually take you to write a book?
Since I’ve published one poetry book so far, I can’t properly discern the duration it takes. But I can say that it took me 3 days to assemble and summarize everything into the book that I call “Whimsical Poetry.” It is a compilation of a few poetries that I have written in various stages of my life that have either been witnessed or imagined by me. 
9. Please tell us about your journey and how it has affected your life.
To begin with, my journey as a writer has been sincere and an incredible rollercoaster ride. I had my share of ups and downs. Many have appreciated the book and the love outpouring from the unexpected ends for its honesty is widespread. I feel fortunate to be witnessing this! 
10. Is there anything you would want to pass on to a newer generation of writers and beginners who are just getting started?
~Do you have the potential? So, as well showcase it to the world!
~Never hesitate to explore what more you can do as a writer.
~Always be prepared to rectify your faults.
~Lastly, remember that you were born to stand out and you got this!