Book Review - The Brown Sunshine


Title - The Brown Sunshine
Author - Arvind Rishi
Genre - Fiction - Thriller/Suspense
Publisher - Evincepub Publishing
ISBN - 978-9356734340

This is an amazing thriller which has a lot of unexpected twists. Dr Anthony Biswas, the protagonist was a renowned Forensic Pathologist. His mom passes away when he was in 8th standard. He had few friends during his schooling days. One of them was Natasha. She liked Abhimanyu. However, Anthony back then, had a liking for Natasha. The other friends were Mayank/Arora/Abhimanyu/Megha/Ankur aka Helix. Then there is Sonia as well. 

When he grows up, he meets Catherine K Jomy who was a software engineer. 

Arora liked Megha & Vice Versa. Shivam also liked Megha. 

Prakriti - twin sister of Shivam. 

School life & present life. Arora passes away during their Darjeeling trip. Strangely no one seemed to remember Shivam or Prakriti. However, there was an audio recording that feebly had their voices.

a few drops of tears escaped my wooden soul through my eyes” - what a powerful sentence/statement to narrate the situation.

Similarly, no one remembered Natasha too,

After 8 years, they meet and Helix introduces his gf Sanjana Puri who was doing Ph.D. in psychiatry in Bengaluru. 

Do NOT Miss the below-mentioned chapters at any cost as they are vital to the story:

ARAK - Divine Drink of Immortality 

Mysterious dark forces folding into reality 

Folding reality - case 234, case 017-BC-962

Origins of the Divine Balance - The Shunya

The movie introduces a few interesting characters in the end and it also makes Dr Biswas introspect himself.

Who is Acharya/Bada Saheb?

Who is Rayne?

Who are we?

This is a perfect novel that gives you the feel of watching a Manoj N Shyamalan movie. Give it a readd by picking your copy today.

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