Book Review - Thin Line Of Consciousness


Title - Thin Line Of Consciousness
Author - Asna
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 979-889133665-0

This is a collection of 7 short stories which is written by Asna that take you to a different dimension of life. I am not going to mention this in detail about the stories since these are short ones and need to be read to grasp the nuances and the actual essence of the stories.

1. Thin line of consciousness - The name of the book is actually a story in itself. This is a must-read since it makes you understand how significant you are to yourself, if not to others. I felt that it was an awakening story, especially for those who have suicidal tendencies. All you need to do i to speak to someone like the protagonist Aiza did.

2. None of my business - The lifestyle of Ashiq, a commoner was effectively captured.

3. Fountain Pen - Story that revolves around Amar & Khalifa. If you have a sibling, I bet you will cry in the end. The story gave me a goosebump moment since when I was in college, I saved my pocket money for 3 months to buy an expensive fountain pen(Parker).

4. Anwar - Another touching story.

So as Alavi, Mopping Cloth and Beautiful Living. Each had a strong story line that would make you ponder over your life. These will also make you understand how blessed you are, in your life.

A real good attempt by the author.

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