Book Review - In God's Country, Karwar


Title - In God's Country, Karwar
Author - Vijay Medtia
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Leadstart Inkstate
ISBN - 978-93-5883-009-5

This is a novel set in the coastal town of Karwar. The way the story unfolds makes you feel your gears shift from a sleepy environment to the fast lane. The protagonist of this novel are two characters namely Vinod Hegde and Uma Verma.

While Vinod Hegde is jailed for he crime which he did not commit because of which he had to spend 20 years in jail, this incident makes him to lose his love Uma Verma. Their common friend Arjuna becomes the police inspector and people starts calling him Rock.

While Vinod loses interest in returning back to Karwar, he saves Radhika on his release. Even though he did not want to be involved in any crime, situation forces him to. He steals Rs.2 crore because of which he comes under the radar of Younis Khan aka Cobra.

Back in Karwar, Satish Verma, spouse of Uma Verma who is a lawyer gets killed. This was followed by killing of Abdul Haq, a planning officer followed by Lakhani. While the suspicion shifts from one person to another, Vikas Mhatre comes under the scanner for his dubious business. 

Amrita Patil, an ACP from Mumbai arrives to speed up the investigation.

Poonam Gowda, a beautiful looking lawyer but was a lame by birth also joins in assisting Rock. Her office was set to fire intentionally.

Who was the killer?
Why did he kill three of them?
What was the motive behind these murers?

Read this interesting novel to find out the answers. A good attempt by the author.

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