Aasha - The Inspiration

This is a simple self narrative story about a girl from Maharashtra by name Jyotipriya Mavlankar. It took couple of hours for me to finish it. As I had mentioned in the title, it is a perfect eye opener because the authors had beautifully portrayed the life of a girl who in the remote parts of India are still considered as a liability.

Jyotipriya too had a troubled life though her Mom was not like others but owing to the family situation, she has to struggle on various instances including her first love which she had to sacrifice but there was a good reason behind it. She later realises that it was one of the wises decision she has made.

The flow was neat and authors did bring out the exact message what they wanted to convey. This is surely worth the read and would definitely bring in a change in the lives of others....

Do buy the book which is available on Flipkart and Amazon