13 Steps To Bloody Good Wealth

Title - 13 Steps To Bloody Good Wealth
Series - 13 Steps Series
Authors - Ashwin Sanghi and Sunil Dalal
Publisher - Westland Ltd
ISBN - 978-93-85152-77-1
Genre - Self Help / Management

As you all know, 13 Steps To Bloody Good Wealth is one of the books under the famed 13 Steps Series with the first one being 13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck. I must also say at this juncture that I am one of the winners of the contest hosted by Mr Ashwin Sanghi and looking forward to see my story appearing in the anthology soon :-)

This book - 13 Steps To Bloody Good Wealth is a simple yet an effective book which would teach even a layman as to how he can calculate and manage his finances in an effective way. Having worked in a multinational bank for 8 years and also having served as a Life Insurance Advisor for 3 major brands, I can easily relate to most of the scenarios that has been mentioned in this book.

I have read few management books and books that talks about finance but I have not come across a book like this which makes you understand the concept by giving simple illustrations and examples. Almost all the examples quoted were of real personalities who made it from the scratch to reach their present position which has been revered across the globe.

When I was going through the live examples, I was stunned to find one mention in particular. It was Mr Sanjeev Sanyal who served as the Managing Director of Deutsche Bank and the reason is simple. I was invited for his book launch in Chennai and he was so down to earth person who conversed with me casually and even agreed to get a selfie clicked apart from signing his books.

The explanation of "Monkey Business" and how it came into existence was completely new to me and I loved reading it.

You can read this book in one shot. You need not have to be a financial wizard but what is important is to grasp the real essence of this book. If you manage to grasp it, there will be no one who would be as successful as you. Few quotes that captured my attention in this book includes Mr.Warren Buffet's " Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful" and Mr Dhirubhai Ambani's "If you don't build your dream,someone else will hire you to help them build theirs"

The classic examples of how an unassuming Professor from Mumbai became richer by 450 Crores when Diageo took over USL(United Spirits Ltd), Rs 641 crore windfall by Mohd Anwar Ahmed by simply investing Rs.10,000 in the shares of Wipro in 1980 were some of the inspiring true life stories which every one should know. This is to establish the fact that taking calculated risks and waiting for  a decade or more can help any investor wither the storm of financial irregularities/meltdown. 

The book does not cost a fortune but for sure will able to help you in building your fortune, if being followed diligently.