Ashvamedha - The Game Of Power

Title - Ashvamedha The Game Of Power
Author - Aparna Sinha
Publisher - Srishti Publishers & Distributors
ISBN -978-93-82665-76-2
Genre - Fiction Thriller

A novel which has so many twists and turns. It keeps you guessing from the beginning till the end as to who the real culprit is and when you get to know it, you would be stunned for sure.

The story begins with a business empire takeover by Sumona with the help of a seasoned politician - Ashok Kumar Nandi.

Ashok's chopper crashes and he gets kidnapped but to the outside world, he was proclaimed dead. Sumona commits suicide by handing over her empire to her brother Pratheek. Ashwin Jamwal comes into the picture. He clears UPSC exams and takes over as District Collector while his brother Arun clears IPS. Ashwin was a guy who wanted to be as much honest as he can, when it comes to discharging his duties but that makes him a laughing stock and he gets 4 transfers in 2 years. He meets Inder Mohan Raathi, founder of The Nationalistic Party wanted Ashwin to join politics so that he can bring in the change he wanted. 

Ashwin joins the party and rise to the rank of President of the Party in a short term. Why he joins the party is something you need to find by reading the book :-)

Ashwin sidelines the party seniors and becomes popular nationwide and becomes the PM Candidate. Just then, he gets attacked outside a hotel and traces back the attacker to party senior Arumugham. When confronted, Arumugham informs Ashwin that he always considered him as his own son and would never go to such extreme step. It was later found that the attacker was hired by Raathi. Even before the investigators could catch hold of the attacker, both the main kingpin and the attacker gets murdered. Inder Mohan Raathi sacrifices his life by committing suicide and Ashwin becomes the PM of India,

There was another story which goes parallel to this story where a man by name Hades wanted to control the world by defeating the most powerful person. No one knew about his description and keeping this as an advantage, he assassinates some of the powerful leaders of the World and now the onus falls on Ashwin who becomes the most powerful leader in the World.

Did Hades manage to defeat Ashwin? If Yes, how did he do it and who actually was Hades and why did he resort to such an act is the real story which will make you read it in a stretch as this is a fast paced thriller.