Broken Jars,a Fistful of Dreams

Title - Broken Jars,a Fistful of Dreams
Authors - Amal Charles, Dolly Koshy, Merina Diana Morris, Pinaki Ghosh and Shelley Das
Cover Design - Supriya Balasundaram
Genre - Fiction
ISBN - 978-93-85524-73-8

What happens when 5 authors come together to talk about 7 characters from different sections of life facing different difficult situations? This book is the answer.

This book critically analyses micro and macro aspects of life that is influenced by various actions that includes love, hatred, disappointments, breaking the trust and also about other things like gay, lesbian relationships apart from command, authority and power.

You need to sit in a peaceful environment and as mentioned in the back cover, a coffee or tea with the open mind is a prerequisite since some of them might come as a shocker to you. The book is divided into few parts namely - analysis notes, diagnosis, treatment course and results where in each talks in detail about the respective characters as being noted and perceived by Dr Meghna Goel, a psychiatrist practising in NIMHANS, Bangalore.

The book may not appeal to you until you give your dedicated time to it. If you are a social activist, you would immediately connect to it else, it may take some time to understand what exactly is happening. A must read for the youngsters which would let them know the brutality of the society and how to face them effectively rather than taking the drastic step or not being convinced that they needed consultation.