Is Your Marketing in SYNC or SINKING?

Title - Is Your Marketing in SYNC or SINKING?
Author - Yaagneshwaran Ganesh
Publishers - Notion Press
Genre - Self Help / Management

I have read lot of Management Books and Self-Help books. Most of the books talks about the Macro Concepts in detail but the author of this book Yaagneshwaran Ganesh has struck the chord by talking about the Micro Concept when it comes to Marketing.

He has gone in detail by exploring the unexplored avenues in Marketing and how one must ensure that their business is in SYNC with the present scenario rather than basking on the past glory. As we know, business keeps evolving and so as the Marketing Tactics and Tricks. Gone were the conventional days where just the word of mouth or an ad in a television would suffice the sales targets. We are now in the technology world where social media plays a vital role in deciding the so called "Sales Figures".

The book also has lot of live examples and some of the brands that were cited in this book were not discussed in other books. Examples of Nintendo, Netflix, Tesla Motors were used in the right places that would surely strike the chord with the niche readers.

I was thoroughly impressed with the content of this very informative book and is more than worth my time and money.