Story Mirror - Book Launch of The Blind Trial and my Review & Unveiling of Dirty Martini Novel

After the first event yesterday, Shrinidhi and I went straight to AVM Studios. It was the second event that was slated that evening. The event was special because it was about book launch and unveiling of another novel - both written by my good friends Dr,Sulaiman Sait and Kavipriya Moorthy.

Dr.Sulaiman Sait has penned a novel called "The Blind Trial" which was launched yesterday and Kavipriya Moorthy's "Dirty Martini" was unveiled yesterday. The book Dirty Martini is already available in Amazon.

What made "Dirty Martini" even more special was the hashtag had already hit No.1 Trend in India on Twitter in the morning.

Mahesh Lakshmanan had also come all the way. We were joined by another author Ganga Bharani. Rajesh of Chennai Buzz had also joined us.

The Chief Guest of the event was RJ Dr Tausif.

Dr Sulaiman Sait was facilitated.

After this, it was the launch of his book.

Followed by the book launch of Dr Sulaiman Sait, it was time for another author Kavipriya Moorthy, whose book was unveiled.

Dr Sulaiman had autographed his book and posed for a selfie too with me :-)

I have already placed the order for Dirty Martini. I will write my review on a separate blog post. Now, I will be reviewing Dr Sulaiman Sait's "The Blind Trial"


Title - The Blind Trial
Author - Sulaiman Sait
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Story Mirror
Cover Design - Sneha Jolly
ISBN - 9789386305039

I must say that I am really impressed not because Dr Sulaiman is my friend but the story is really good for a person who is publishing his very first novel.

He has used his doctoral experience in penning out such a nice thriller which would make you sit on the edge of the seat. The events were well connected and though some medicinal terms does not ring any bell on me, I can let it go because the message what the author tried to convey is clear and makes any reader to understand it clearly.

The protagonist of the movie Dr Nitin lands up in LWMCRI (Live Well Medical College and Research Institute) in Ooty and joined by couple of other researchers Dr Aditi and Dr Neha. Nitin falls in love with Neha who also agrees to his proposal.

In the meanwhile, the hospital starts getting patients who despite of being treated, dies. No one could make it as to why it is happening. When things seems to go normal for others, Nitin suspects a foul play. He gets warned indirectly by an unknown caller. 

Who is doing it and why is he/she doing it is the story. Have they been prosecuted in the end? Did Nitin face any danger to his life or for his loved one?

Buy the book to find out more. I loved reading the book and I am sure, you all will :-)

The book is available in Amazon