Plot Engine

Title - Plot Engine
Author - Ganga Bharani Vasudevan
Editor - Dhivya Balaji
Genre - Self Help/Creativity
Publisher - Febbon Publishing House
ISBN - 978-1-519-074515

This book is one of its kind. A well appreciated attempt by the author. Unlike other books, this is not the book about stories but makes you one of the potential authors.

The book has 75 plots with 2-4 sub plots on each of them. The remaining 5 plots are left for the readers to fill up their own plot(s).

If you are struggling either with making a plot or development from the plot that you have already conceived, you can use this book as a ready reckoner as it fine tunes your mind to think about it in various ways to develop your own story.

Author has also announced a contest where you can get your story published. All you need to do is to click this link

Good Luck to the readers and the aspiring authors :-)

The book was released yesterday by the Director of the Movie Yaanum Theeyavan - Mr Prashanth G Sekar.

The book is available on Amazon.