Yama's Lieutenant

Title - Yama's Lieutenant
Author - Anuja Chandramouli
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Random House India
ISBN - 978-81-8400-739-8

A brilliant story which makes you to read from the beginning till the end with no break. Author has made it sound like real through her language and the characters had lived through the story.

Agni is the protagonist. He loses his 6 year old twin sister Varuna. There was an event in Maduram City and Kiran Raj - Deputy Commisioner takes charge. At the same time Araksha causes a major fire accident in a school accident but surprisingly no kids sustain any burn injuries.

Agni summons Chandrama and Suryama. In the meanwhile Varu dies in an accident. Agni meets up with a Goddess who gives him an impregnable task of taking Naganara, the necromancer who practices occult arts. He summons Himsa from the twisted spirits - Niryana Pushkara.

Agni now meets Taravarsha who along with Dharami has been saving him from many attempts on his life. There are other characters who played a major role in the story which included Yama, Sanjana, Chaya.

The Narakamayas - totally 7 of them gets summoned by Naganara from the confines of Varudha. Taravarsha asks Agni to hurry as she is worried about Naganara finding Kritya. Who is she?

Sivagami Math comes into picture where it houses only the Kanyas. Gurvi Samporrna names a girl child as Minothi. Gurvi dies soon after. She however gave an enchanting pendant to Minothi. What is the speciality of it?

There are many such interesting twists and turns in this tale. I am sure once you start reading it, you will find it hard to break in between. You will also be real surprised when you come to know as to who the real culprit in the end. I had a great time reading this lengthy novel and I would recommend it for those who love fantasy/fiction.

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