Book Review - Funds Ka Funda : An easy guide to invest in mutual funds

Title - Funds Ka Funda : An easy guide to invest in mutual funds
Authors - Dr Uma Shashikant & Girija Gadre
Genre - Self Help(Knowledge)
Publisher - Centre for Investment Education and Learning (CIEL) (2016)
ISBN - 978-9385685064

The book is a ready reckoner nd would be certainly helpful even to a rookie. For investing the funds/money, one need not be an accountant or brainy. He/She needs to be smart, cautious and aware of what exactly is happening around us. 

Though the contents of the book is limited to just 56 pages, it gives information which one may not get it even during their life time. Authors of this book has a great exposure and indisputable knowledge in the field with Dr Uma Shashikant holding a Doctorate in Finance and Girija Gadre in a CS and LLB holder.

How does it differ from other books?

Unlike other books, the book gives the concepts in a simple and understandable way without any complicated definitions. It teaches you the basics of investments and what one should now prior to investing. 

Mutual Funds is fast catching up in India and so as investment in stocks an shares which has seen Sensex touching as high as 30,000 points and Nifty crossing 9000+ in the recent days. The one who invests early and continue investing are the ones who stands to gain. There are many examples I can quote on this - be it with Kirloskars or Mahindras who has invested in various companies during their earlier tenure which is now worth few thousands of crores.

The book gives you the confidence where if you just started working, should read and start the habit of investing to see them reap the benefits when they retire. A they say "Make the hay while the sunshines" is the principle of this book.  Know about Mutual Funds, ELSS, MIPs, FMPs, USTs and the most prominent Gold ETFs apart from SIP and switches that is associated with it.

To sum up, the book is your next step to success in the field of investing. There are 6 titles available in the series "Demystifying Investments" by CIEL. Collect all. It is worth the time as it could guide you in the right direction when it comes to investing.

The book is available on Amazon