Book Review - Rafflesia

Title - Rafflesia
Author - Gautam
Genre - Fiction
ISBN - 978-93-52017-16-4

When I first saw the cover book, I was of the opinion that the story may be a fairy tale or a historic fiction. I was proved wrong. The story is a fiction but not on the lines of any of them mentioned above.

Who is this banished princess? What role does she have to play on the life of Apurva alias Appu who is the protagonist of the story?

Appu was born in a poor family though his parents always had kept him happy. His father Aabir was employed in a job which hardly made him to earn the money to make the ends meet while his mother Trina was a house wife. He had a grandma named Mrinalini.

Aabir had a friend named Vikram who held a top position in the Indian Air Force. He once viited his house with his wife and son Rahul. Ever since Appu and Rahul became close friends. Days rolled by. Rahul faced lot of turmoils in his life and so as Appu. While Rahul lived in the US and cimpleted his higher studies, Appu was employed in the Netherlands.

The loss suffered by both these characters were brilliantly explained in this story. It is not a fast paced one since it is not a crime thriller but will make you feel, once you finished reading it.

I felt there were way too many characters in the story honestly but since the story is set to happen at various places, these characters were quintessential without which it wouldn't have conveyed the message strongly.

A worthy read which has a different story line altogether. One should approach it with open mindedness without having a high expectation. When you do that, the book will surely fascinate you.

The book is available on Amazon.