Book Review - The Death Story

Title - The Death Story
Author - Amay Saxena
Genre - Fiction (Thriller/Horror)
Publisher - Partridge
ISBN - 978-1-4828-8633-7

A chilling story with a good twist. The story line would have been better and I felt the editing would have been better as there were few many corrections through out the story.

Neha and Ashish were happily married and comes to a bungalow - which was built on the land that was given to Neha's grandfather Alok Rajput. She starts feeling some surreal incidents and the same has been confirmed by Suresh,Riya and Mukesh who were their neighbours. Ashish rubbished the claims until he gets murdered by his own wife.

Why would Neha kill Ashish?

The story leads to a flashback which involves Alok Rajput and his friend Vikrant who were detectives and cracks a famous psychopath case. This leads to all the trouble. 

Who was the trouble maker? Did Neha come out of the tragedy? Read this story to find out the ultimate climax.

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