Book Review - Butterflies,Parathas&The Bhagavad Gita

Title - Butterflies,Parathas&The Bhagavad Gita
Author - Dr S Hariharan
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - Amaryllis
ISBN - 978-93-81506-93-6

Many of us would have read Bhagavad Gita. I have read 2-3 different versions including the famous Bhagavad Gita - As is by Shri. Srila Prabhupada of Iskcon. I have always cherished the knowledge that the book imparts on any of its readers which has universal approach and appeal making it to be considered beyond any religion, culture and customs.

When I got this book, little did I knew that I would be going through a different discourse altogether. The book is not just another version of Bhagavad Gita. By incorporating couple of protagonists namely Venkat aka Venky and Santhosh aka Sandy, the book talks in great detail about some of the important verses mentioned in the Gita.

These guys who were into medicine viz Dermatology and Psychiatry respectively gets entrusted with a job of translating the Gita by their beloved master Bharath sit. Until he was alive, they did not took much interest in the only job assigned to them but once he passes away, they regretted for not able to deliver the simplest of job assigned to them.

Little did they realise by then it is not as simple as being construed. The book through these characters and the events happening in their life, talks about various aspects like Vishaada Yoga(connected with World), Sankhya Yoga(connected with Life), The Yoga of Karma and Dhyaana(connected with Karma and Mind), The Yoga of Bhakthi and Jnaana(connected with Bliss and Knowledge) and finally Saranagthi (which is nothing but Surrender).

The book would now be able to connect even with a commoner because it portrays their life but entangled with the provisions from the Gita which makes it unique and the one which shouldn't be missed. I liked the book a lot though it took sometime for me to complete reading this book and I must honestly confess that I could grasp hardy 10% of the contents but as they say, knowledge is an ocean and no one could master it....

The book is available on Amazon.