Book Review - A Leap Within

Title - A Leap Within
Author - Ameya Agrawal
Genre - Self Help
Publishers - Kalpaz Publications
ISBN - 978-93-5128-121-4

I was surprised when I read the book. This was or the fact that the author is just 21 but when he started writing this book, he was just 19. I could see a great amount of maturity in Ameya Agrawal who has meticulously presented the facts with some brilliant short stories, examples and anecdotes.

Many of you would have red the short stories and examples cited in this book in some place or the other but what I liked the most about the book is the usage of such stories. It was used at the right place making it blend with the information, that author wanted to put forth.

The book can be classified under self help coupled with management as it talks in great detail about the management aspect as well. It gently touches upon worldly behaviour and with few poems here and there, it would be a breeze for the literature lovers too.

Though this should not be compared with the books written by wizards and veterans, this book will stand out among them for sure.

P.S I liked "I have learned" and "Handy Tips" in particular which came at the tad end but making it an interesting read to finish this book with a smile.

The book is available on Amazon.