Book Review - The Wise Man Said

Title - The Wise Man Said
Author - Priya Kumar
Genre - Motivational/Self Help
Publisher - Books That Inspire
ISBN - 978-81-933912-0-4

Priya Kumar is an International Award Winning and Best Selling author who has been inspiring minds through her speeches and writing for more than 15 years. She is the winner of 10 International Award which shows the quality of content that goes into her book.

When I got the autographed copies of all her books recently including her latest release "The Wise Man Said", I was intrigued by this title in particular though her other titles were equally compelling(so as the content as well for sure).

I was amazed by the unique style of approach and writing Priya has adopted. Having read 1000's of books myself, I can certainly vouch that I have not see this kind of style elsewhere till date. The book gives you an in-depth knowledge about so many things that is happening around us which we tend to ignore or rather we are programmed to ignore, living the life, missing out the bliss.

This is what happens when Naina who despite being a successful author herself fails to connect with her life(despite her writing inspiring others. I am sure this is not Priya in real life).It is then she meets Sammy without knowing that he was a multi-billionaire but set to live a carefree life leaving aside everything and survive by taking what ever that comes his way. He travels to some exotic locations like Macchu Picchu, Iceland, Macau, Boashan Stone City, Peru, Timbuktu, Mexico, France, Greece among others. 

Sammy meets people of different origin with different beliefs and records all his experience in a diary and leaves it gracefully with Naina. Each and every experience of his is a lesson for all of us which must surely be read and treasured. For better results, read 1 story a day as it would settle in your mind in a most positive and effective way making you grasp all the contents without leaving aside anything.

I have liked all of them and in particular where Sammy gives away hIs limited edition Rolex in exchange for slippers from a farmer who exchanges it for a few missing bricks to mend the roof of his house. It drives the meaning "WHAT YOU EXCHANGE SOMETHING FOR, DEFINES ITS VALUE"

Sammy also recorded this " I gave away my clothes, my belongings, my companies and money year on year and somehow every year I have more to give" which made me immediately connect with the legendary Warren Buffet who despite of giving away close to USD$30 Billlion towards Charity is still sitting over a personal fortune of more than USD$70 Billion.

I bet you would find this book not only interesting but also motivating. Go for it. You will not regret but appreciate me for having referred such a wonderful book.

The book is available on Amazon.