Are you breathing safe air inside your home?

Pollution has become a part and parcel of our life. While some are ignorant about it, others do not give proper attention that it deserves. We mostly have a common notion that pollution exists only outside our house. If you had that opinion till date, its time to get it changed.

Pollution exists even inside our house. First and foremost, it is the dust which gets accumulated at our house. While we think, it is the spiders and its cobwebs which is the major pollutant, you are incorrect. It is we, who are the major pollutants. Yes. It is human beings. Our body is designed in such a way that hundreds and thousands of our skin cells die everyday and it gets replaced by fresh cells. Where does these go?

It falls on the floor inside our house as minute particles which is the major composition of dust. We think that it is because of something else.

We can clean it by having to clean the floor everyday with a broomstick.

Then comes the cob webs. It is undoubtedly a pollutant inside our home and if it went unchecked, we would end up seeing them occupying most parts of the house. Though it is beneficial in one way by eradicating insects, we cannot be lenient towards it since it may be allergic to few who would start sneezing continuously which isn't a good sign in the long run as it may affect the respiratory system thereby leading to heart problems.

The above can be tackled by using broomsticks, dusters or suction cleaners. It is advisable to keep our nose and mouth closed while cleaning this.

Next important pollutant inside our house are the termites. While these do not attack teak wood, not all can afford to decorate our interiors with teak. However, there are termite proof plywood and boards are available these days which can solve the problem. 

Termites and Borers not only damage the wooden interiors but they also act as a cause for allergy since these wooden particles would be falling inside our house which would enter our respiratory system. These termites can be killed with the help of insecticides which is the only option. To prevent it, we should ensure that the interior walls are not damp and so as the wooden cupboards and almirah.

Finally, it is the smell which is also a major pollutant inside the house. This can happen due to various reasons. Some of the most common ones are:

1. Surroundings not being maintained properly and the smell enters our house from outside.
2. Socks.

These can be avoided by keeping our surroundings clean and when it comes to socks, it has to be washed daily and sometimes, this foul smell may emanate due to some health issues as well which needs consultation with a physician.

We also tend to use sambrani and room fresheners which may prove to be even more harmful than the actual foul smell due to the presence of various chemicals in it.

There are many harmful things which can be avoided inside your home including the smell of the paint and varnish. Some can be done by your physical activity like cleaning and some needs smart thinking because you cannot be there cleansing the house especially the walls day in and day out. What would you do by then?

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