How to stay healthy?

What is being healthy according to you?

There are many notions for this. Being healthy to some is being muscular. To some, it having greater stamina. While all these are globally accepted phenomenon, being healthy according to me is stop falling sick often and looking young even when you are ageing.

When I say abut looking young, it doesn't mean that one should apply all the creams available out there or apply cosmetics. It has to come from within.

How do you achieve it?

There are many ways to achieve it. I have few secret ingredients which can hep you achieve them. If you are already aware of these, you may ignore.

LAUGHTER - Laughing is the best therapy available out there. There is no harm in laughing. It is a good exercise for all your muscles and remember, your face has the mot number of muscles across the whole body. There is a saying which says "Laugh until you die". This is an apt one. Laughter can give you relaxation to both your body and your mind. There are many "Laughing Clubs" across the globe. You need not have to join all these. All you need to do is to watch some comedy scenes from a movie and laugh heartily.

Before we could go to the next scenario, take a look at this brilliant video.

WATER - Water is the best medicine out there. There are many complications which arises out of water being insufficient or impure. Ensure you drink good 3-4 litres of water minimum per day. Do boil the water and drink it, if you do not have filter at your home. Avoid drinking it from outside. Keep your body hydrated. Since most part of our body is comprised of fluids, it is essential to keep them on balance.

FOOD - Food is the basic necessity. Do not eat anything and everything at your will. Avoid junk foods. Avoid deep friend food and oily items. Try to intake more number of half baked vegetables. Include fruits in your diet on a daily basis. Do consume greens regularly. Eat your food in small portions throughout the day so that no unwanted fat is accumulated in your body.

AIR - This is not in our hands to some extent. I am sure, you would agree if you are living in some of the polluted cities in the world. However, this can be moderated to some extent. While air i usually clean and fresh in the early morning, try to get the benefit by going for a early morning jog. You can also get the purified air when you do Yoga. For those, who travel day in and day out, try using quality air filter masks.

Being young is certainly in our hands. Firstly, one must feel young from inside. This is one of the main reason as to why teachers usually look young because they always move with kids/students most of the time and this keeps them energised and make them feel young by default. Not all of us can be teachers and professors but we all can certainly feel young by spending some quality time with the youth - be at home or outside. This will not only give you more exposure but also help you to come out of the social media addiction which is rising rapidly in the recent times. 

Keep your mind fresh. Be open to feedback Do not mix your personal and professional life. Try to enjoy your life and work, as it is. Do not complicate it. Life is to be lived only once. Let us make the best use of it by living it happily and spreading happiness and love throughout the world.

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