Book Review - Anant Dot Com

Title - Anant Dot Com
Author - Dr Govind Sharma IAS
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Partridge
ISBN - 978-1-4828-6964-4

A simple novel which will take you back to your school/college days. This is a story of group of friends as to how their lives turn around as and when they grew up. Various events like first sight love, infatuation, greed, passion has been well portrayed. Though this would be really appealing to kids between age group of 6-16, the story gives a wide prospect of how one should perceive the life.

What makes the novel even more appealing is the inclusion of Ram Charit Manas since one of the protagonist cum narrator of this story Mohan indulges himself in giving a discourse in the subject which gives some good message from time to time.

The story involves around characters Anant, Baldev, Mala, Panther, Sudha, Nalini, Sayeeda, Posco, Verma Sir and Mamaji with each one of them playing their roles perfectly well. To make this story more interesting, the story also has bollywood, match fixing and betting and advocates on joint family system, sacrifice and duties.

Not all of us would have come across all the events captured in this novel but it would surely make you live the past.

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