Undelivered Letters

Title - Undelivered Letters
Author - J Alchem
Genre - Fiction
Format - Kindle

I usually do not review eBooks but when I came to know that J Alchem has published an eBook, I could not stop myself but to read and review it instantly. There are few reasons to it. Let us not get there.

This is yet again a different genre altogether and I liked the way the story has been written. A letter can play a vital role in someone's life and what if there are few letters which did not get delivered by oversight? 

What would be the consequences?

Who suffers the most?

All these were beautifully captured in this collection of short stories. I would not reveal the names of the characters or the uniqueness of this story collection since it would become a spoiler but I am sure that once you read this, you would be equally surprised as mine.

The idea of coming up with such stories is really appreciable. While you might by expecting something, you end up reading all the stories which would later unveil the surprise. I must say that it is surely worth the money you spend. The cost for you is not even a cup of coffee in a restaurant but the memories it will leave you is surely priceless.

The book is best recommended to be read with a cup of coffee on a weekend.

The book is available on Amazon as an eBook. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read this book for free.