Dates Kheer

Dates :1 cup
Milk :1/2 litre 
Condensed milk :1 cup
Sugar :1 spoon 
Cardamom powder:1 spoon 
Ghee: 2 spoons 
Cashews and kismis : as required 
Soak dates in warm water for half an hour. Boil the milk. Blend soaked dates with cashews and raisins to a fine paste. Add this blend to the boiled milk. Boil altogether till becomes slight thick. If reuired, add sugar ( though it’s not compulsory as we get sweetness from dates and condensed milk).
Add condensed milk and stir.Once it is done add cardamom powder. Garnish with roasted cashews and raisins. The product is rich in iron and can help the children beat he deficiency effectively. Moreover, they would love this for sure. Give it a try. The kids would love it for sure and would keep asking for more.
To know more, head over to http://www.livogen.in/iron-chef