Book Review - Finding Your G-Spot

Author - Geetika Saigal
Genre - Self Help/Motivational
Publisher - Invincible Publishers
ISBN - 978-9387328686

A self help book from a person who has seen the heights in her own field is what makes this special. We have been flooded with the various books offering an advice at a huge premium wouldn't make sense when you read this book as things were given outright without beating around the bush.

The perspective of a woman always differs and I found the thoughts really refreshing as it offered a unique perspective. My dad use to say most of the times(or always) "Life is short. Make it sweet". I thought I came to the conclusion after reading this book, yet another time.

There were lot of DIfY's in this book which would help you self evaluate. There is no right or wrongs answers in those. Hence you need not have to worry of going wrong and even if you did, you need not have to worry because only when you make a mistake or fail, you would learn to win/succeed or most importantly "To Fight".

It is the fighting nature which is missing and we fear for unwanted things rather than fearing for the ones which would help you succeed in life. 

What I also liked the most from the book were the mention of Quotes and few Poems here and there. There were also some letters(self written) that were given as an example. Leaving aside ego and treating your spouse as an equal partner coupled with lot of other things in this book would surely make it an interesting read for you. 

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