Book Review - Asian Herbs

Title - Asian Herbs
Author - Sudhir Ahluwalia
Genre - Non Fiction(Wellness)
Publisher - Pothi.com
ISBN - 978-9387480889

The author - Sudhir Ahluwalia has written few books. As he was an IFS officer, the details that had gone into his books were stunning and would make even a novice to become an expert, if he/she has grasped all the information which was given in minute detail in the book.

I had the opportunity to read his other book as well - Holy Herbs and has already written my review about it on my blog, earlier, today.

This book surprisingly was a self published one though  felt that books of these genre/nature should be picked up by renowned publishing houses which would act as a bridge between the author and the end reader as they would have much higher and better reach.

The book has pictures of various plants and trees. It begins with an ancient historical overview and then proceed further with Aromatic Herbs of India.

Then the book touch base upon Sacred Trees of India which includes Peepal, Banyan, Neem, Mango, Ashoka, Rudraksha among others.

The book then talks about Spices of India followed by Herbs in Chinese cuisine. It also talks about Marijuana and Ginseng in the end. Yes. It talks about Marijuana(Medicinal and Recreational use).

How these herbs are used in food and drink, medicine, history and production were explained in great detail which is not only an eye-opener but would make you sit through it from the beginning till the end. 

What is stunning is the references - Yes, It runs for 50 pages which shows how extensively author has researched various books before coming up with his own which certainly needs an applause/appreciation.

The book is available on Amazon