My take on Aji-no-moto

Aji-No-Moto is a Japanese brand which is been in the market for more than 7 decades. The product is exported to more than 120 countries. The product is based on one of the five tastes, our tongue receptor can recognize. It is called UMAMI.

Professor Kikunae Ikeda discovered this taste which came from Glutamate.

Now Stop!

Have you heard about this somewhere?

Yes. There was lot of hue and cry about this a while ago. If you could not recollect it instantly, you would now do it when I say MSG which is the short form on Mono Sodium Glutamate.

While few brands suffered because of wrong propaganda raised against it, I was surprised when I was cleared of all my doubts in one of the awareness meet organised by the brand. The meet saw the presence of renowned dietician Dr Dharini Krishnan, Dr Divya Purushotham and Guinness World Record Holder Chef M S Rajmohan. 

What surprised me the most was the mention of the product's presence in Mother's milk. Yes. The breast milk contains MSG. Do we say it is unsafe? We never did and we never will.

MSG not only adds taste to the food naturally but can also satiate your hunger. Most importantly, the product is not made from artificial sources but from natural ingredients like Sugarcane and Tapioca in India whereas elsewhere, it is derived from Corn, Rice and Sugar beet.

The process is simple

1. Sugarcane is taken to the factory where the juice is extracted
2. Molasses obtained from sugarcane juices are fermented to get glutamic acid
3. Glutamic acid is first neutralised
4. It is then crystallized to obtain MSG
5. MSG crystals are dried and packed

As you could see, it is the same fermentation process which is used to turn milk into curd. Fermentation is also used in making dosa batter, cheese etc.,

There are few more facts about MSG I wanted to share it here:

1. MSG is non-allergic
2. It is a taste enhancer and can be used by all. The research shows it i safe for all human beings including infants and pregnant women.
3. MSG does not cause cancer or high blood pressure
4. MSG has 1/3rd the sodium content compared to table salt
5. Glutamate naturally occur in food. Foods labeled "No MSG" contains MSG and hence this self declaration is prohibited in various countries.
6. Glutamates including MSG are found in abundant in tomatoes, cheese, kombu, seaweed and other food

Go ahead. Eat and taste Umami induced Aji-No-Moto who has also introduced their other range of products which includes Hapima (Crispy Fry Mix,  Fried Rice Mix(Original and Hot & Spicy)) and Blendy 3-in-1 Instant Coffee/Tea packs.

Its time to "Eat Well, Live Well"