Book Review - Holy Herbs

Title - Holy Herbs
Author - Sudhir Ahluwalia
Genre - Non Fiction(Healthy Living/Wellness)
Publisher - Fingerprint
ISBN - 978-81-7599-446-1

Gone are the days where we use to get the treatment for our ailments at home from our grandmother or great grandmother. These days, the families have become nuclear(mostly) and joint families have become a rarity. We have also started neglecting the natural products which would do no harm but bring home only the goodness and started running behind packed food items which are nothing but processed and preserved.

Though we are now going back to the (g)olden days to bring back the organic food, we lost the track of various herbs and plants which has been effectively used by out forefathers/ancestors to address various concerns. When I saw this book and most importantly the author's profile, I knew for sure that this is going to be one awesome read and my expectations were not proved wrong.

The book is divided into 5 chapters namely Historic Overview, The Bible and the Herbs of The Holy Anointing Oil, Herbs in Ancient Incenses and Perfumes, Sacred Trees and Culinary Herbs in The Bible

The subject was well researched and written. Since the author was an Indian Forest Service Officer, this came to me as no wonder. Pictures were used wherever required which makes the book even more appealing. The beauty of the book lies in establishing the facts about these herbs with the historic, cultural, religious and scientific connection between the East and the West.

The book is a treasure trove of information!!

The book is available on Amazon