Book Review - Digital Marketing Insights 2018

Title - Digital Marketing Insights 2018
Author - Multiple authors of/from Social Beat
Genre - Digital Marketing
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-64324-314-6

A very well researched book that shows the in and out of Digital Marketing. Social Beat is known for its penchant towards ROI driven digital marketing which provides the ultimate value to the brands. The book brings out years of experience by the staffs of the company who have been nominated and/or been the recipient of various awards in their respective field(read it as Digital Marketing).

The book begins with an interesting note on "Did You Know". It then shift its gear to "Digital Marketing Trends 2018". This is where I was totally bowled out since the authors have included the real time case studies citing how a well known builder has generated a record Rs.190 crore on sales via Facebook. The chapter also discusses in detail about how You Tube can be leveraged effectively to generate more leads which in turn would result in revenue generation.

There are many facts which even an experienced digital marketer wouldn't know. These were well documented in this book. 

The next chapter is "Marketing Mix Insights" which deals in detail as to one would consider shifting from Print Media to Digital Media.

Then comes "Sector Specific Solutions" which deals in detail about how FMCG,Finance,Real Estate and eCommerce business can use the digital marketing effectively.

"Social Media Marketing Insights" is a boon for beginners since it would make you understand the nuances and how one could start using various features on social media sites effectively which include Facebook Live Video, Instagram stories and Ads, Pinterest, LinkedIN for marketing, Brand Marketing via Snapchat.

The book doesn't end here. It also covers advertising, UX and Web Design, Content Marketing and SEO, Videos and App Marketing.

I an conclude saying that if you would want to learn all about Digital Media Marketing, you can go for this book without giving a second thought. This would not make you an expert since this is something which only an experience in the field can make you achieve but would enable you to become one in the due course....

The book is available on Amazon