Flame Test on Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

Last month, I wrote about Mother Sparsh Water Wipes on my blog wherein I have described in great detail as to what makes it unique and various reasons as to why I have considered using them on priority compared to other brands.

This month, I have planned to go further more deep into my selection to justify it. Yes. I had decided to do a Flame Test on Mother Sparsh Water Wipes.

What is a Flame Test?
It is nothing but a simple process of burning your wipes to find out its authenticity. This would help you find as to which brand has the polyester mixed on the wipes and most importantly, you can avoid them rather than using it on your baby which needs utmost care. This is a simple test which can be done at home without having to spend anything.

Why Flame Test?
The Flame Test would let you know whether the wipes you are using are made of genuine cotton or whether it contains polyester.

Things you need:
Mother Sparsh Water Wipes, Candle and a Match box.

How do you conduct this test?
Light the candle. Ensure the fan is switched off and you are in a closed room. Keep your kids/pets away while you are doing this test. Do it in the close supervision of an adult and do not do the test near any electrical circuits or inflammable things to ensure that you are safe and not endangering yourself.

Once the candle is lit, take the baby wipes. Dry it a bit so that it is easier to burn. As you know that Mother Sparsh baby wipes are 98% water, it wouldn’t burn at all, if it wasn’t allowed to dry.
Now, hold the corner of the wipes and burn it. That’s it.

My Findings:

I found that the wipes burned completely leaving only the ashes. There is hardly any residue left. This proved beyond any doubt that the product had 100% genuine plant fabric and cotton. Presence of Polyester would have left a residue and hard lumps which wasn’t the case here.

Next is the perfume. While the wipes were burning, I did not find any bad odor or the odor of plastic being burnt which has also confirmed beyond doubt that the product has a major mix of polyester which is usually derived from plastic waste which is being chemically formulated and made into wipes. I only felt that the odor was nothing but that of a burnt cloth. This has clarified my doubt that the product is free from polyester.

The presence of polyester on a fabric is certainly not recommended especially for the babies since their skin is sensitive and this could create rashes easily. Like they have rightly mentioned on the pack, the product is 98% water based which is as good as cotton and water, 100% biodegradable, I do not see any reason as to why mothers shouldn’t be using this for their baby since the product is plant based with natural fabric and is friendly to their tender skin.

Now that I am convinced by doing the flame test, it is high time, you too did the same to ensure that you are using the safest product to protect your baby. Please do share your findings with the young mothers in and around you including your family and friends because I am sure that not everyone would have been made aware of this simple test which ensures the genuineness of the product and its claim.

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