Book Review - Paper Asylum

Title - Paper Asylum
Author - Rochelle Potkar
Genre - Haibun
Publisher - CopperCoin
ISBN - 978-93-84109-26-4

I have reviewed books belonging to various genre and for the first time ever, I got an opportunity to review the boo which is based on Haibun.

What is Haibun?

While we are very much familiar about Haiku which has originated from Japan, Haibun is a prose poetry or prosimetric literary which also has its origin going back to Japan. This is a combination of Prose and Haiku. If you are a lover of both of these, you are in for a delight for sure.

Coming to the book, author who has won various international competitions for her writing has done a proper justification to the book by bringing out various aspects in life. I could sense the hidden sarcasm in few places(which has been used in a positive way - as I do not want to mention the word RIGHT since I cannot define what is RIGHT which may not be RIGHT to you).

This 100 page book is like a breeze that once you start reading it, you wouldn't have noticed that you have already come to the end. I liked each and every aspect of the book, be it with cover page or fonts or alignment or paper quality or just about anything.

Rochelle takes you on the journey called LIFE where she unveils various aspects of it. I liked each and every chapter but what struck me instantly are the chapters titled "Broken Shells" and "Seed" which is predominantly about women. These chapters brings out the issues faced by them even till date which includes infertility and physical abuse.

This book shouldn't be missed as it might take you back to your past memories or at least remind you of some one at some point in time...

The book is available on Amazon