Book Review – Gift of Confidence by Rohit Narang

Title - Gift of Confidence
Author - Rohit Narang
Genre - Motivational Fiction
Publisher - Partridge Publishing India

For a student, what’s the biggest fear? The most probable answer is, that be it any kind of student, bright to average to poor, they all fear failing in exams. From a student our society expects a lot, especially our parents always hope that we should always finish the line first. This novel, Gift of Confidence by Rohit Narang is based on a student’s phase where he fails to clear his CA final exams and thereafter what all events unfold that drastically change his life forever. The book is all about that change and discovery!

Like most other relevant novels, this too possesses a question: as how to be confident in life and how to utilize that confidence for achievements? And we get all answers through the explicit characterization of Pancham, the CA final year student. Pancham is on a quest – he needs answers on as how to handle failure, how to brace up for battle that results in win, how to regain everything after a shock of failure, how to advance in life confidently and many other questions related to study and exams and grades.

I finished reading this book in one sitting i.e. 4 hours. The author has written the story in very simple and yet expressible form. I never felt bored because the book is short, point to point, covering everything crisply in well-prosed seven chapters. Though the book is motivational in its stance, however I have mixed feeling as I found it an incredible combination of fear, confidence, faith, and spirituality contrasting each other.

However, for me, spiritual angle stands tall above all the elements, as you can see when Pancham begins visiting the Gurudwara he subtly expects to find solutions to his problems. The kind of faith he and his mother shows in the grace of god is worth attention. The smiling man aka Vandit Ji comes forward to ease Pancham's tension and to some extent helps him in preparation for his exams.
The author has quoted relevant and easy-to-understand examples for building confidence, faith on oneself, faith on abilities, faith on god, etc. As a student we must have come across such examples and teachers who took great efforts to push our malleable minds into constructive avenues. This book has come up at a very right time and going to stay useful for many years at least for the student community, who have tendency to hop from one source to another to overcome the fear of failure in exams.

Without any spoilers, I would also like to say that other than useful points about confidence and faith and exam preparations, there run two concurrent stories – one is of Pancham, and the other of Vandit Ji. You must read the book to get access to their stories. Their struggle and strength of character in the adversity not only encourage you but also delight your heart.

This book is available on Amazon and other leading online stores.