Read it like a BOLT or shall I say at "Lightening Speed"?

Are you a reader?

Do you love reading books?

Have you had the habit of reading  books real fast while you were a kid but witnessed the speed dwindling to record speed as you grew up?

Whatever we have read or learned till date would hardly make a fraction of the resources available out there. We have got Google to refer to our queries but don’t you think that we cannot depend on them all the time – 24/7?

Information is equivalent to GOLD. I am sure you would agree to this for how many times have you let your favourite book go despite of watching them on “Lightening Deal” on Amazon or Flipkart. 

Due to lack of time, you felt that you wouldn’t be able to read it due to your packed schedule or you couldn’t afford to spend 8-10 hours to completely read the book?

You could overcome this. Are you surprised? I was also surprised when I stumbled upon something. This isn’t a MAGIC or some rocket science.

Enough said – there is something called as PhotoReading Workshop being introduced in India for the very first time by the renowned International Coach – Connie Larkin.

Wondering what is in store for you?

By attending this simple yet powerful workshop, you could see yourself transforming yourself to a super being from the otherwise normal one. What if I said that once you master this technique, you would be able to “mentally photograph” pages at 25,000 words a minute. This is something which is possible only when you travel at the speed of light or get sucked into a black hole which facilitates time travel.


Come and attend this first of its kind workshop happening in Mumbai and get to go through the books 10 times faster with better understanding. If you are a #BookReviewer, I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss it for sure since you can review 10 books at a time, in the place of 1.

HURRY UP!!! If you haven't booked your seats already, log on to @BookMyShow https://in.bookmyshow.com/events/photo-reading-workshop/ET00090487 or visit https://connielarkin.com/mumbai/ to register.