Book Review - Distress to De-Stress

Title - Distress to De-Stress
Author - Vikas Kakwani
Genre - Self Help / Personality Development
Publisher - NotionPress
ISBN - 978-1684665259

Are you in stress?
Do you think, you are one among the select unfortunate to be facing stress at work or in the family?
Are you looking for some intervention to help you overcome your stress?
Are you seeking a way to come out of your stress?
Most importantly, do you need help or seek an advice to help overcome your present situation?

If your answer is YES to any one of the above, this book is the answer to that.

There are lot of self help and personality development books available out there but I can certainly vouch that this book stands apart. Vikas has used the examples from day to day life to put forth his observations/points. You may wonder as to what this book has to offer which other books hadn't but when you finish reading this book, you can feel yourself being light and has also found "The Light at the end of the tunnel".

The book is divided into two parts. 

1. Reasons for Distress
2. Ways to De-Stress

I liked the pictorial representation of how a combination of various small acts would trigger the distress to its peak(Page No.75). The difference between Needs-Wants-Desires has been clearly outlined and how each stage(from 2nd level) is responsible for causing distress. From the desire of owning a house which gets fulfilled by taking up a mortgage and end up paying them for a longer term to personal relation ship problems has been very well explained in this book which could give you a hint as to where you were failing. Despite having one of the lowest divorce rates in the world, India still ranks in the bottom end when it comes to Happiness Index which shows that married people are not always happy.

I learnt about Kanban through this book. We all know about the Padman Arunachalam Muruganandham but how many of us know about Afroz Shah? Do you know about 1-2-Ka-4 Meetings?

Read this book to find the answer for all and share it with your friends/relatives too.

Last but not the least,try taking up the test online at www.distress2destress.com to find out where you stand.

This book is available on Amazon on both Paperback and eBook formats.