Book Review - Anuj Tikku Launches his third book Travelthon Tales

After a successful launch of first 2 books, famous Bollywood actor Anuj Tikku has announced the launch of his third book – Travelthon Tales. 

Travelling is the best way to learn and grow in life but it is also important to be observant as well as aware of your surroundings. Watch the view as your journey unfolds along the vast roads, mountains and peaks. Under the sea, a world unexplored opens up – all blue and colorful, neon and bright, the world beneath the sea is a true delight. I enjoy this rush of the unknown and the unconquered. This is what it is. A perilous plane – a journey almost to the divine.

The temples and the faith, the jungles and the savannahs, the mountains and the vast terrains with canyons – it is all one when you see life through the eyes of a traveller. Travelthon Tales are my personal travel tales as I move along this life of freedom, wisdom, adventure and mayhem. The tales will be enlightening with morals, values, wisdom and teachings as I march forward in my quest to travel the world in search of peace, meanings, answers, and, most of all, joy.

Anuj Tikku says “I am happy to announce the launch of my third book under my own publishing banner Tikku's Travelthon and the name of the book is Travelthon Tales. This is a collection of 13 short stories of mine asI travel to unique places and worlds as a travel blogger with my blog www.tikkustravelthon.in [1].

I dedicate this book to my Mother Rekha Tikku and ask for herblessings from the heavens above. I pray that you enjoy the book andshare my adventure with the world around.”

 The stories are from different countriesand carry a message and philosophical insights that will both yoursoul of all its aches and pains.There are stories from the forest,cemeteries and ashram’s. You will be enthralled by them as they willtransport you to the country where they were written. Each giving you a new perspective of life and throwing light on the wonder that is the world.