Book Review - Silver Hair Sins

Title - Silver Hair Sins
Author - Saumick Pal
Cover Design - AuthorsUpFront
Genre- Fiction
Publisher - The Write Place
ISBN - 978-81-938540-3-7

This is not the usual story you would have come across so far. When I started reading this book, I knew that there is something unique and I was not wrong. 

What makes it unique?

This is one of India's first visual-fiction. The photographs that were used to narrate the story are mind blowing. Some were artist rendition and some were file photo. I seriously wonder as to how these pictures were conceptualized for the fact that they very much complement the story which was set to happen in the 22nd and 23rd century.

During this time, the life of the World was controlled by One AI which was the confluence of the then three religion that was in practice which includes Islam, Christianity and Hinduism.

You would feel as if you have been watching a Sci-Fi Hollywood movie. The sinners were categorized and they were controlled by Silver Chip being infused in their body which ran CROSP that had all the details stored which included the criminal activities of the citizen.

The story revolves around Akbar, Meera, before shifting to Azad, Aasma and Mary. What do they go through has been beautifully captured in this gripping novel which would keep you guessing till the end. The evolution of human life and how it gets integrated into technology in the future has been portrayed in minute detail in this novel.

If you are a seeker of change in the style/theme on a story/novel, this is something you shouldn't be missing. Go and grab the book today. 

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