When I did ShareTheLoad of my Mom

Mother is a "God sent Angel" an there is also a saying that "God after felt that he could not be everywhere had sent His representative who is none other than Mother". This is very apt in our day to day life. She has been out savior, protector, educator and what not?

A mother can certainly be called a "Super Woman" since she does all the work apart from carrying most of the responsibilities in running the family, efficiently. She taught us lot of things as to what is good and bad and how to face the World. She is an educator. Though we have Teachers in school/college, the first set of learning comes from our mother.

While she is selfish in bringing up her kids in the best way possible, you would not find this when it comes to showering her love on her kid. She always wanted her kid to have the best of the comfort and other things which the world has to offer. Gone are the days when kids use to treat their mother as their Mother and NOT as a Friend.

I am really lucky to have found my best friend in my Mother. I had shared almost everything with her including my love life. She was always supportive and she made me as to who I am today. I am a teetotaler and I must credit this upbringing to my Mother. Though she made me to work for a small reward, when I was a kid, now looking back, I feel that I had learnt a lot, most importantly discipline and how to keep my surroundings only from her.

As she aged, I saw that she started struggling to get few work done, on her own. We had dhobi those days where the clothes were washed by a person. Due to the advancement in technology, man power has been replaced by machine power. I too thought of making use of some of them to ease the work for my Mother because dhobi(laundry person) won't be available all the time. I bought a Washing Machine and my mother had learnt to operate it in no time. However, I started helping her in all the ways possible like putting the clothes inside it and also adding washing powder. Once the machine gets its work done, I also use to get the clothes out of it, in a bucket and take it to the terrace to dry them up in the sunlight.

My mother feels happy these days, because she knows that even if she is unable to do all the work on her own, in the future, she has already got a helping hand in me....

I was intrigued as to what this TVC is all about and when I finished watching it, I knew that I was on the right track.

I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda