Book Review - Give Your Heart A Break

Title - Give Your Heart A Break
Author - Anuj Tiwari
Genre - Fiction
Cover Design - Misha Oberoi
Art Direction - Mugdha Sadhwani
Cover Photograph - Shutterstock
Publisher - RUPA Publications
ISBN - 978-93-5333-435-2

Anuj Tiwari is known for penning the stories based on real life incidents and this story is again one of them. What I liked the most about Anuj is the way, he portrays the characters making you feel that you are seeing them live.

The flow of story is a plus because you would never feel bored as you travel along with those characters. The story covers in detail the various walks of human life which includes Love, Friendship, Treachery, Betrayal etc t name a few.

Arjun, who becomes a successful writer was advised to pen down a book based on the life of his cousin Addya by his aunt Dimpy. While he was initially reluctant, finally agrees to write one. The story is all about the happenings in the life of Addya. While Addya was married to Bali, her life was in shatters. Though she was supported by he brother Agastya, he himself had a dark past. 

Was Agastya able to overcome his past and helped his sister or did he succumb to his past?

Read the novel to find out as to how he events unfolds itself right in front of your eyes. This story would make you think, ponder, feel and most importantly it will make you get hooked to it till the end.

This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats.