Book Review – Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Title – Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
Author – Dr. Parag Mahajan
Genre – Non-fiction
Publisher – Parag Suresh Mahajan
ISBN – 978-9353115579

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. It is going to change the way the world works and thinks and medicine field is not going to be an exception to this norm. Recently, I stumbled upon this book named ‘Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare’ by Parag Mahajan. I took time to finish reading it, as I take time to grasp technical stuff. But personally putting, this book took me to a new venture of tech revolution. Topic by topic, the author, who himself is a MD, covered what all is happening in the field of AI with reference to AI and other technologies like Robotic Automation.

I really liked the fear he managed to portray in the book, as many think that AI will wipe out the potential career of doctors and other medical staff. There are some incorrigible myths surrounding the entry of AI in healthcare. But the positive bet is that it will be able to save millions of lives across the world that otherwise get lost due to human errors. I do not belong to healthcare field, but I got the hunch what the author was trying to build up in the book.

By all means, it sounds like a technical book. However, if you are someone hungry for knowledge and want to expand your horizons for tech revolution, probably this is the time to add digital healthcare in your list. Another aspect that formed firmly in my mind is that digitalization of healthcare is inevitable and it is better if people accept this smoothly. As you know the author has given possibly a list of five myths that surround the advent of AI into healthcare.

I also got to know that big giants like Google, Chinese search engine Baidu, Apple, etc. are all gearing up for digital healthcare investment and market share. The book is full of such informative gems that covering all the topics in one review is like making the table of content, just like in the book. I believe this is the book that you can refer from time to time – I mean to say doctors, tech bloggers, health bloggers, AI enthusiast, and most importantly students and researches.

The book makes a promise that the scope of digital healthcare across the world is promising and people looking to have a career in that can go ahead without much hesitation. And importantly, doctors need not to fear about their job security. At the maximum, AI will work like an assistant to humans, it may never supersede them…but still fingers crossed.

The copy of the book can be bought from Amazon.