Book Review - Dalal's Street

Title - Dalal's Street
Author - Anurag Tripathi
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Olive Turtle(An imprint of Niyogi Books)
ISBN - 978-93-89136-15-9

A super fast story that would keep you on your feet from the start to the finish. To begin with, I liked the cover page which is as good as the story. The cover page also gives the hint about the story or at least the characters involved in it namely Varun, Devika, Pooja and Anil.

The book talks in great detail about what exactly is happening in the Fund Houses, Investment Banking, Stock Market Exchanges and the role of the fund managers who manipulate the figures at their will and wish. Who else other than Anurag Tripathi could pen it better since he himself was an investment banker once.

The story talks in great detail about the power and influence of money in the day to day operations which manipulates the stocks and figures by keeping the unsuspecting investors at bay. The story begins with Varun and his friends Devika, Pooja and Anil joining the firm - though Pooja wasn't interested as like the other three. Varun and Anil starts learning the trick of the trade slowly but steadily. Varun finds his mentor in Tiwari-ji who teaches him the nuances. He also finds a God sent Angel in Aunty-ji through whom he starts making lot of money as incentives/commission. While Pooja was in love with Varun, Devika does an unthinkable act. Anil found an investor in Nikhil Seth.

Sunny, the CEO never cared about anyone and his attitude was beyond comprehension. He joins hands with Salil-bhai who is known to manipulate stocks in order to solve the troubles faced by Reddy Oil and Gas. The manipulation game takes a toll on aspiring career of Anil who was forced to push on wrong advice to Nikhil Seth. 

What happens in the end is something you wouldn't want to miss.

The story is an eye-opener for all those who do not have slightest of knowledge about trading in stocks and shares. It warns you of being greedy in making quick money in no time thereby ending up losing all that you had. Remember, castles are not built overnight...

This book is available on Amazon in Flexibound and Kindle edition formats.