Book Review - A Drizzle in the Desert

Title - A Drizzle in the Desert
Author - P C Balasubramanian
Genre - Fiction(Drama/Relationships)
Publisher - Inkstate(A Leadstart Corp publishing co)
ISBN - 978-93-52010-86-8

A real good story which is not only appealing but would make you think deeply about what is happening in the present day world when it comes to relationships. India has always had a traditional joint family system which slowly started getting disintegrated in the twentieth century. The story revolve around Abhishek or Abhi, The Protagonist who has doned the role of a caring son, loving husband, affectionate father and above all, a great lover. 

Abhi had a crush on Anjali during his college days. On the other hand, Deepali was affectionate towards Abhi. Abhi gets married to Anjali and Deepali to Karthik. While Deepali had troubled marriage, Abhi was leading a cozy life in the U.S. looking after the operations of NeoMart. All comes to a standstill one day when he was asked to head over to India to make the company more profitable.

Anjali never wanted to move since she felt that her daughter Avantika would have a better life and prospects in the USA. On the other hand, she was apprehensive about a mystery man who Abhi's father was taking care of, back in India.

Who is this man?
Why is Abhi's father Sundaram so much indebted to him?
What happens to Deepali?
Did Anjali move to India along with Avantika?

The story emphasize on the importance of human relationships. Author has handled the otherwise delicate subject with such an ease. It would make you feel for the characters in few places and you would desperately wanted things to happen real fast. This isn't a movie but a book where you need to spend quite few hours for you to see as to how the story takes its shape or transforms. 

Whether the ending is a happy one or not, is something for you to figure it out by buying this real good story/novel.

This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats.