Book Review - By God, The Making Of A Messiah

Title - By God, The Making Of A Messiah
Author - Shashi Warrier
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - FingerPrint
ISBN - 978-93-8917-835-7

A real classic. The book would make you realize the shortcomings in the present world by taking you through a journey of an Utopian society which was dreamed by Alkanza, The Protagonist H.E. Tomikanza embarks on a journey. He is assisted by a not so faithful barber Neepane, who keeps clearing his doubts as he was not exposed to the outside world.

The story line is subtle. The sequence of events flows fluidly. I loved the artistic way of representing the characters and the situations surrounding them by the author. I found it unique as this gave me an impression of going through a Hollywood film, in writing. 

When you get to witness a sudden surge in the emigration, how would you react?

Does this not sound similar since,we, as a country has been witnessing it for a decade or so?

Was Tomikanza able to find answers to his questions related to Democracy?

What was unique about this mix of God's rule and self-governance?

The two Ghublistanis who embark on the journey of their life time happen to come across varied characters which includes but not limited to policemen, spies, politicians etc and how they tackle them an their blunders is certainly a point to ponder.

While we see how religion plays a vital role in the politics - both in National and International level, it is the same which has been described in this story which also revolves around the shortcomings of the system coupled with duplicity and hypocrisy which is pretty much exists in abundance in the present day politics.

Would we through the characters be able to find answers and connect it with the present day events? It is for you, the readers to find out.

P.S. I liked the way, the book ended. Read it. You will not disagree to agree with me.

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