Timex India launches iConnect and iConnect Fashion Smart Watches at Zimson

Today Timex India launched new smart watches #iConnect & #iConnectFashion at Zimson Watches in T.Nagar.
The event was attended by Rohit Singh -Product Head, Smart Wearables - Timex India who was felicitated by the Directors of Zimson. Post this, he unveiled the watches and gave a brief description of the watches as well.

The dial is of two variants - Circle & Square. The rectangular dial is priced at ₹7995 & the chic round dial is priced at ₹9995

Each of them are available in 4 colours:
1. Black
2. Grey
3. White &
4. Beige

Zimson Watches has its stores in leading shopping malls like Expressavenue -chennai VR Chennai Phoenix MarketCity (Chennai) Ampaskywalk Ampamall Theforum Vijaya and also in the newly opened Infinity Marinamall
The watch has multiple functions which includes
a. Make/Receive Calls
b. Sleep Tracker
c. Heart Rate Monitor
d. Find your phone(anti lost)
e. Controlling camera on your smartphone
f. Get texts & enable notifications from FB,WA,Mails etc.,

The watch has in built speaker. It has touch screen colour display. It has 4 faces. It has a smooth silicone band and also has an alarm function. Under normal usage, it would last a full day and in a standby mode, it will be good for 3-4 days.
The charging time it takes is just an hour.
The app that allows you to integrate your smart watch with your smart phone is called iConnect by Timex and is available on both #Android & #iOS
The event was a grand success since it was attended by press and media in large numbers and the Directors of Zimson, Mr Matheen and Mr Shakeel were interviewed by the Press/Media.

What more would you need and what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab yours now from the market leader on watches & specially from Zimson Watches who are known for their professionalism, range, superior products and an amazing after sales service.


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