Yamaha launches PSS Series Compact Keyboards - A50,E30 and F30 For Kids and Youngsters

The event which was held at THE Park Hotels this afternoon saw the launch of Yamaha Music keyboard models PSS A50,PSS F30 & E30. The target segment for this is kids. However, I found these ones appealing that it could be used even by the elders.

The event saw the presence of Child Prodigy Lydian Nadhaswaram who came well before the event could commence and was there till the end. He was presented with a memento. He then happily obliged to perform on the three variants. Trust me, it was a stunning performance. There is no wonder that he is called a “Child Prodigy”. After his performance was over, we were delighted to see the performance of 5 kids from Bala Vidya Mandir. They were:
Vijetha Vijay
Nandan Venkatesh
Jayanth Pradeep
Aditya Swaminathan
Rishi Sriram kumar

Each of them performed well. Then there was a Q&A session where the questions that were asked were answered by the business heads of Yamaha India & Lydian.
This was followed by a Demo Session by the Product Manager of Yamaha Musical Instruments, India Glen Fernandes who enthralled us with his performance as well(Thank You Glen for giving your time chatting with me about the products ‘ other things. It was really nice catching up with you after a while).

He gave us the insights about the instruments which includes:
1. The instruments are sleek and classy.
2. They can be carried over easily, even in a backpack.
3. They are light.
4. They are funky and appealing.
5. All these are Made in India under the “Make In India” campaign.
6. The instruments have a USB port.
7. They are powered via AAA batteries or plug and play. Best part is, they can be charged via your Power Bank as well.

Best part is the pricing:
PSS A50 - ₹7190
PSS F30 & E30 - ₹4190

This could be a perfect gift for your kid/sibling. Why give them mobile phones or other gadgets but this one which could make them creative & give them relaxation from this speedy world. Go ahead and gift one.

P.S. All the videos will be available on my Youtube Channel - AryanSarath