Book Review - The Shiva Sutras

Title - The Shiva Sutras
Author - Ranjit Chaudhri
Genre - Spirituality
Publisher - FingerPrint
ISBN - 978-93-8917-820-3

Spiritual books needs greater attention in order to grasp the content. This is mainly attributed to the language that is being used which is usually The Sanskrit. Not all of us would understand the language hence making it even more difficult for us to understand the content. This is where, translated scriptures comes into picture. These translation, most of the time, reproduces the content as it is making it even more complicated or make the readers to feel bored. Hence there is a need of finding the right book which not only gives the content but makes it an interesting read.

The Shiva Sutras by Ranjit Chaudhri is one such book. As said in the cover, it talks about Eternal Wisdom For Life. This 134 page book is a power house in itself. Since the content that is present in this book is of greater importance and significance, I would personally recommend you to read 4 to 5 Sutras(sub-chapters)in a day. This would make you understand the concept as it is rather than making you believe that you grasped the content.

The book has references from 16 different sources(most of them are books penned by renowned authors in the subject of Spirituality) and each of them were used at the right juncture to make it even more appealing.The book talks in detail about three various aspects of life through three main episodes namely

1. Removing the Veil
2. Detaching from the body
3. Awakening

Each and every episode is different but is interconnected with each other. The very introduction in the beginning would invoke interest in you to start reading the book. If you are not aware about how The Shiva Sutras came into existence, it is believed that Lord Shiva came into the dream of Sage Vasugupt and asked him to go to a particular stone near a stream and when he went there the next day and touched it, its face was inscribed with Shiva Sutras. There are few other legend/beliefs as to how this came into existence(explained in the book).

Some of the concept in the book has already been made into motion picture. Hence you wouldn't be surprised but be able to connect with it when you read those chapters. Ranjit has made it real easy for even a novice or a person with no knowledge(on spirituality)to understand what these actually are which needs a special mention and appreciation.

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