Book Review - Shadow Of The Past

Title - Shadow Of The Past
Author - Mayank Manohar
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - FingerPrint
ISBN - 978-93-8917-822-7

What a story this turned out to be. The actual story line may be similar/old but the way it was written makes it an exceptional read. Firstly, I was impressed with the cover page. The picture as they say would convey the meaning of what a thousand words would do, is very apt for this. I fell in love with the picture and simultaneously the story as I started reading it.

Mayank has captured the perfect rhythm of love and separation in a way one couldn't even imagine. The story revolves around three main characters - Lavanya, Rehan and Arpita. Then there is Gaurav as well but I would say that the first three characters are the protagonists as they had equal role to play. 

The way the story moves would keep you suspecting till the end as to who would finally emerge triumphant in this so called "Battle of Love". The introduction of Lavanya's meeting with Rehan is a perfect filmy material. There are few letters in this story. I loved the one which comes in the very beginning(Page No.86 onward)and is a lengthy one among all. I would not reveal it here as to who had written it to whom. 

This would connect with many of the readers since many of them, if not the majority, would have gone through this in one way or the other in their life. There is a popular saying which goes like this "Marry the one, not you love but the one who loves you' is pretty much apt for this story. There is a slight deviation though. Lavanya and Rehan loved each other but had to part ways due to some reason or the other - in more than one occasion. Arpita loved Rehan unconditionally. Gaurav was ready to accept Lavanya despite knowing about her past.

This forms a complex equation and what happens in the conlusion is an expected yet unexpected ending.

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Thank you Sarath for such a lovely review